For the first time ever, we have a President who has publicly stated his support for Audit the Fed. Add that to a House that has passed Audit the Fed OVERWHELMINGLY in the past, and this is our best chance ever to pass.
Our obstacle is the US Senate. I’ve now reintroduced Audit the Fed (S 16) and I’ll be fighting every day for more support.
I’m asking you to join me today.

If you oppose Big Government. If you’re for transparency. If you want a better economy, a stronger dollar and end to out of control Washington power, the Fed is the place to start.

Since its formation in 1913 the Fed has brought to our country and our economy:

Inflation and debt: the dollar has lost 90% of its value and our country is buried under $20 trillion in debt

Secrecy: shadowy financial interests profit while ordinary Americans see their savings stolen.

Depressions and recessions, housing busts and bank bailouts
Big Government: someone has to print the money for the trillions in runaway deficits.

My dad Ron Paul has been fighting for Audit the Fed for his whole career. I’m carrying on that fight now, and we are so close to victory.
RANDPAC will lead this fight, and will enlist hundreds of thousands of Americans to put the heat on Congress – if we have your support.

I can’t do it without you, and I cannot let this opportunity slip by. The time to pass Audit the Fed is NOW!

Please stand with me today!


Dr. Rand Paul


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