Weekly Update from Rand Paul

When Congress returns this week, there will be a mad rush toward a number of deadlines, with important legislation being tackled. Some of it presents an opportunity, some of it requires us to follow the old call for eternal vigilance.
I’ll summarize a few of them for you, but please, keep an eye on your email and our social media for updates on this, and things will move quickly.


The government’s fiscal year ends September 30, which means the bills to fund the government for the NEXT year must pass by then. Of course, they will try to spend too much, and we will fight them. One way we can do that is by offering amendments to cut specific programs. I plan to offer one to cut all the programs featured over the past year in my “Government Waste” project, which would save billions. They will also need to pass a Budget, which is the blueprint. To that bill, I will offer multiple amendments to cut spending and will fight to cut taxes for every American as well. We can do both.


You’ve probably seen some of my updates on this one. It’s time to CUT UP the credit card that has us nearly 20 TRILLION in debt.
The government needs permission to borrow money. Congress has routinely given itself permission to bury our country in debt, and it is out of control. They’ll run out of borrowing authority VERY soon, so watch for this fight in the next week or two. I don’t think we should shut down the government. But I’m fine with making them live with only what they take in. That’s what American do every day. You can join our fight to cut up their cards HERE.


Just before recess, I stopped consideration of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) because I’m going to insist on two crucial debates and amendments. First, our Afghanistan and Iraq war authorizations are 15 years old. We should be out of both places, but if they want to stay in, they should have a new debate and vote on a new authorization. We shouldn’t be obligating soldiers who were in diapers when this was passed to go to war on this premise. Second, I am working with Senators Lee and Feinstein to end the authorization for Indefinite Detention of American citizens.
It will be a busy few weeks, and I’ll need your help as each battle heats up. Signing petitions, making phone calls, sharing on social media – help us make sure YOUR voice is there to back me up in the Senate. RANDPAC helps amplify that voice and reach millions more Americans during every battle, through emails, ads and other media.  So if you can, please continue to help and support RANDPAC as we go into this crucial time.
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